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2020-2021 NSFAS Important Information

2020-2021 NSFAS Important Information ​ ​​​​​​2020 NSFAS DHET Guidelines 2020 Finance Financial Aid Registration Information 2020 NSFAS Disability Policy  2020 NSFAS Application Processed Statistic ​ ​Please click here for more information regarding different NSFAS services available in assisting students. Please scroll down, to view all services available.​ About Financial Aid ​The core business and mandate of the Directorate of… Read More »

2020-2021 NSFAS Funding at University

2020-2021 NSFAS Funding at University ​ ​What is The National Student Financial Aid Scheme? (NSFAS) NSFAS was established in terms of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Act 56 of 1999) The mission statement is made up of three well defined elements, which describe why NSFAS exists and its impact on the people it serves:… Read More »